Belle Eating Cooked Green Beans

Belle: There’s an onion in there.
Mom: Well don’t eat it.
Belle: I’m trying to dodge it, but I can’t.
Belle: Now my tongue is spicy.

Buying Mommy a Purse

Daddy: We’re going to buy mommy a new purse.
Belle: Why?
Daddy: Because mommy works hard.
Belle: Because mommy ran out of space?
Mommy: Ahhh…BURN!
Belle: Why did your purse burn?

At a Dodger Game w/a Cotton Candy Guy in the Aisle

Belle: I want to give you a clue about what I want to eat.
Mommy: What?
Belle: It’s cotton and it’s candy.

So Cute…

Belle: Why are you looking at me?
Mommy: Because you’re so cute.
Max: Am I cute?
Mom: No
Max: I’m just awesome?

After Yogurtland

Mom: Belle, do you want to try on the free Yogurtland shirt?
Belle: Where did you get it from?